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MySpace and audio playback on mobile devices

It's year 2013 and MySpace has long reposition itself as a service/website for musicians trying to complete with MixCloud, Soundcloud and the likes. But it seems to be stuck in the age of desktop web access only. Because we you visit artist's myspace page from tablet or smartphone you're presented with a non-optimised page. But this pales in signficance when you relealise you cannot play audio tracks! Because MySpace can't substitute Flash audio player with HTML5 audio player!

I wonder if there are any engineers left at the company? 

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BTL agency Blackberry approached us to develop interactive testing application for upcoming Nestea promo campaign inside fitness centres.

We've developed a multilingual flash application that was installed and run on promoters' notebooks.


During 3 months from December 2010 till the end of February 2011 we have provided promo code registration services to our client GetFresh Ltd. Our services were part of the national campaign to promote sales of 'Akbar' brand of tea.

During the campaign we have registered over 47 000 unique codes, more than 1000 participants won prizes.


We created a small online community and branded games at www.jacobs13.com.ua (site is offline, but you can play advergames on our sites following links: Pour some sugar and cofee, Run, collect, score, Break office routine). People registered on the site and added user generated content: photos and short poems. Users could play branded games and register their best results.

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